Sunday, December 19, 2010

Being Blessed & Life's Journey

I am blessed w/ spirit guiding me to the wonderful people in my life currently and assisting me with clearing out all the cancerous souls that were preventing my soul to flourish.

Life can hand you a deck of cards that at times makes you feel no matter what card is pulled, you lose and there is no way out of your situation.  Not true.  It's all an illusion to some degree as you can not choose the cards given to you, but you sure can choose how you react to them and how you play those cards.   A hard lesson I have been learning over the past 10years and still learning.

However, I'm grateful for those life lessons going through this journey. These lessons give you the strength, wisdom, and endurance to move forward in even the darkest of light.  It is like training for a marathon.  You may not know how to start when you are in the thick of it, but as you journey through it, problem solving along the way, maintaining faith and belief, staying strong, sticking to your goals, treating your mind, body, and spirit healthy, you will prevail. Will it be as you exactly hoped it be?  Probably not, but then again, life gives you surprises along the way and challenges you to make you better - better at your craft, better at relationships or family, a better person, better at gratitude or positive thinking, better at your health or whatever it may be. Someone once told me, "it is always darkest before it becomes dawn".  I always tell myself that when I see myself possibly moving backwards.

Learning those lessons are very important so you will no longer have to endure the same hardships again.  AND learning those lessons with a positive outlook and not with guardedness or preservation as those will give you a false sense of learning those lessons you are to learn.

So what cancers do you need to heal, treat or cut out of your life, and what lessons do you have to learn or struggling to learn to move forward in your life?

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